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I didn't come to fight.


I don't own a black suit.

Did you just meet her?

It's an average day at work.

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You saw it, too.


Betsy renounced her moral values and became a nihilist.


He received rough treatment.


He works in a saw mill.


I don't need your advice.

Those are not fish.

You have to obey the law.

We found a secret passage into the building.

Trevor ripped a page out of his sketch book.

Price reflects demand.

I think that it's true.


I have to sell a lot of my things so I can pay all my bills.


What time do you have?

Lindsey wouldn't let Claude do that.

Think about your goals.


Wilmer is a very easy-going guy.

His office is going to be shut down for want of money.

It's sad that many historical buildings got destroyed during the war.

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I don't snore.

I come from America.

We spend piles of money on the things we don't really use.

She had been proposed to five times by the time she was twenty.

I could have you arrested.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

She might be able to help me.

I wish I hadn't skipped breakfast this morning.

Monsters. That's all you are.


The store also opens at night.

Because he is there.

That's only the tip of the iceberg.

I don't want to bother you guys while you're working.

He flew a kite.


It seems like he has a big cock.

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Do you know this thing?


The young couple were deeply devoted to each other.

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This is my project.


Van bought himself a new sports car.

Do you ever think about the meaning of life?

Scot picked up a rock and threw it at Hamilton.


You're not going to believe what happened to Marcos.

How many do they need?

She had her hat blown off yesterday.


Christophe abandoned hope.

They both looked back at him.

There's no tomorrow for these people.


We have a few questions for you.


The old must be respected.

I ate about half of it and left the rest on my plate.

Can I count on your support?

The auditor picked up some anomalies in the company's accounts.

Kerri is all mine.

Children are the flowers of life.

This is sometimes called the walk of shame.

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Have you been in Rio?

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This house is ten years old, but that house over there is quite new.


The score is 1-0.

He might change his mind.

The experiment failed in the initial stages.

I'm feeling fine now.

... Otherwise it is (or will be) hard to avoid a counterproductive situation.

Tandy is great.

Sal doesn't care, but Ragnar does.

He went far away.

He's quite fit!


Whose office is this?

Seven policemen were killed.

I certainly don't want to go to prison.


I am dissatisfied with his manners at the party.

I gather you're not interested in the job.

I'm looking through his report.

I need your place for some quality time.

He was sent to prison.

You have to change trains at Shinjuku.

We were prisoners.

Does Nancy want to have a dog?

All he can do is support himself.

Johnnie said he would do it again.

You can't get there by train.

Can I just make a suggestion?

The club has over fifty members.

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Your friend is correct.


He says he met my father.

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He came in through the window.

Fletcher wants to know the truth.

Ignorance smothers like a noose.

Please don't do this to me.

Alastair and Presley had to postpone their trip.

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Can you pay attention, please?

Takao has hay fever.

Polls have consistently projected a 47% vote for Labour.


I don't want to lose my boyfriend.

We'll whip you soundly!

I assure you this isn't just about money.


Leonard wasn't expecting anyone.

Where do I sign?

Sassan's shot missed the target by two feet.

The only time my son talks to me is when he needs some money.

The future of man is the woman.


It's eight a.m. right now.

He says he has a bone to pick with you.

Ecuador is a country situated in the northwest part of South America.


You may eat as much as you want to.


However, Huxley himself hardly believes that his vile proposal will be accepted by the democratic countries.

Do you think Sue is really sorry?

All the lights went out.

Stanley always lies.

Miki didn't demand anything.


I was laughing my head off at the way he looked.

The two quarrelled and fought all day long.

I'm very happy to make your acquaintance.

Can we trust them?

I should take him with me.

Wrap yourself warm, it is cold out there.

Suresh doesn't want to discuss it.

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Scot is not so sure.

Take us there.

How did you know Gill was sick?

Will she live?

Sputnik 2 finally burned up in the outer atmosphere in April 1958.

I'm getting used to this.

That song was written by Alex.

Whatever you write, it will be translated. People translate just about anything without even reflecting on what it is they're translating, or if it makes sense at all.

There was a suggestion of anger in his voice.

Let's make believe that we are cowboys.

Dan drove off in a hurry.

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Tap an animal to hear the sound.


The police think that Case was the one who poisoned Jorge.


"So... it was all his fault?" "You've hit the nail on the head!"

I felt rather puzzled.

That's why we didn't tell them.

Noam is just an average Joe.

Gabriel worked hard.

We shouldn't have told you.

Nuclear weapons are a threat to all humanity.

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It's Ying Li.

Anderson hates onions.

He can't tell fact from fiction.

Tovah enjoys a glass of wine every now and then.

What a beautiful sunrise it is!

Mike happened to have been absent from school.

Would you stop babbling?

Let us go home.

He is going to go to school tomorrow.

Come on back.

I believe it would disrupt the balance.

I want to speak to your manager.

Bats usually fly in the dark.


I helped her clear the table.

This is a doll which she made herself.

Janice should have purchased flood insurance.

You know many things.

"Oh, I see you don't know what Poop is!" "Hmm... Poop is jokes about 'you sat on the stump and owed me a grand', right?"

He spoke with a suggestion of sarcasm in his voice.

A referee must be fair to both teams.